Vicky Yoo / Founder

Vicky Yoo / founder

I created Lust & Found Travels to inspire and to help turn each solo traveler’s daydream into an elegant reality.

In 2018, I took my first solo trip to Paris that changed my life! I’ve always dreamt of seeing the Eiffel Tower and it was surreal to wake up to that view in my balcony every morning. I kept thinking: “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

I loved traveling solo for the flexibility and finally being able to go somewhere without waiting around for others. Life is truly short so pack that luggage & book that trip for yourself.

While traveling solo has its perks, I also do enjoy meeting new people that share the same passion for travel. My first ever trip to China was exactly this situation where I made life-long friends. I’ll be hosting curated group trips for solo travelers like myself to join me throughout the year!

Go travel the world to find yourself.