Frequently Asked Questions

When working with Lust & Found Travels, you can expect a curated luxury travel experience just for you.

This means we will:
– Pre-screen the best five star hotels or resorts for you to stay that fit your needs
– High quality trip itinerary only filled with activities that you desire
– Organize local tour guides, photographers and drivers

So you can:
– Save yourself from being overwhelmed when you encounter an endless list of accommodations to choose from
– Ensure your vacation plans are well thought out and your valuable time abroad can be spent wisely
– Be present in the moment while traveling

  1.  After the discovery call,Vicky will begin curating your travel experience with different recommendations.
  2.  We will have another session to review and to adjust the itinerary to fit your level of desire and needs.
  3.  Once the itinerary is finalized, Vicky will start the booking process to make the itinerary come true to life.
  4. You will receive all confirmations and details of the trip in a clean and organized sheet

ANYTHING your heart desires. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Fly over to Dubai in business class, try skydiving and sand dune racing in ATV
  • Visit every single Disney park around the world at your own pace whether that’s in a span of two month or two years! (there are 6 in the world! Los Angeles, Orlando, Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris and Hong Kong)
  • Sip on mint tea while relaxing in a luxury glamping tent in the middle of Sahara Dessert in Morocco
  • Hit the snowy slopes of Whistler in Canada for a fun snowboarding or skiing session
  • Venture out on a two month long journey from Quito to Rio (with stops to Machu Picchu and Uyuni Salt Flats) with trusted guided tour
  • …and more! The limit truly does not exist.

Taking the first step forward as a solo traveler is a big achievement! It can be scary to go venture out to an unknown destination by yourself.

Feeling safe and secure during solo travel is absolutely possible with the right preparation and knowledge about the place. We will figure out all the logistics and itinerary of the trip to ensure you feel comfortable and confident before your first solo travel.

Of course! More the merrier in my opinion. Just make sure to let us know so we can get their information as well for bookings.

Amazing – please click HERE to book a complimentary discovery call to discuss further about your trip planning process.

Before the call, please think about couple things like when, where, budget and experiences from your past trips so we can define your taste in travel style.

Planning fees will depend on the complexity and customization of each trip! While travel planners do get paid a modest commission from different vendors we work with, planning fees are in place for the time and effort behind curation of each custom itinerary. Also we will be your go-to contact if you have any questions or concerns about the trip!

For cancellation policies, we follow the Terms and Conditions provided by our trusted preferred suppliers. We will make sure to notify you of this T&Cs prior to booking.